Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships, authorized under Title VI of the Higher Education Act and administered by the US Department of Education, are available as academic year or summer awards. (*subject to the availability of Title VI funding)

Stanford University's Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) administers the FLAS fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students pursuing training in Latin American Studies and the following Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL): Portuguese, Quechua, and Nahuatl.

The selection of awardees is made annually by the CLAS fellowship committee, which favors candidates who have not previously received FLAS support and can demonstrate financial need. A FLAS award will be reduced by the amount of any other funding that a student receives in excess of full tuition and the allowable stipend amount.

Please scroll down to Academic Year and Summer applications (attachments).

Academic Year 2017-2018 FLAS fellowship

Eligibility: MA in Latin American Studies (LAS) and Professional Schools students (Law, Education). US Citizens and Permanent Residents only. See application form for more specific eligibility requirements.

Application Deadline: February 7, 2017                                      

Academic year fellowships provide full tuition for the academic year and a $15,000 stipend for graduate students undergoing advanced training in designated foreign languages in combination with Latin American Studies and international aspects of professional studies (law, education). The term of a fellowship is for one academic year. Applicants in multiple-year programs must reapply each year.

Summer 2017 FLAS Fellowship for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Eligibility:  All Stanford students. Non-Stanford students enrolled in a Title VI granting institution or accepted to a program administered by a Title VI grantee institution. Please see current Title VI awardee instititutions here.

Application Deadline: February 7, 2017

Summer fellowships provide tuition up to $5,000 and a $2,500 stipend for a FLAS-approved intensive language course to be taken in the US (preferred) or abroad.

For a list of 2016 Summer approved programs click here.

Applicants may contact CLAS with questions.


Allie Ballesteros, MA Candidate, Latin American Studies

"This past summer I had the opportunity to study Portuguese in Florian√≥polis, Brazil in a seven week intensive study program.  While there, I fell in love with the cultural spirit, music, g√≠rias (slang), fresh fruit, and all of the vibrant colors (especially the many shades of green in the natural world).  My Portuguese definitely improved during my exchange, but so did my understanding of the contributing sociocultural and economic factors that are currently influencing Brazilian identity. In seven short weeks, I could already perceive the transformation that my ability to speak the language had on improving my understanding of local culture, interpersonal interactions, and community history. My classroom experiences and afternoons spent walking through markets or along the many beaches or taking the bus worked seamlessly together to help paint a much clearer picture of Brazilian society."

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