Winter 2017

Dr. Roland Benedikter is Research Professor of Multidisciplinary Political Analysis in residence at the Willy Brandt Center of the University of Wroclaw/Breslau, Senior Research Scholar of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) Washington DC - with specialization on Chile -, Trustee of the Toynbee Prize Foundation, and Full Member of the Club of Rome. Benedikter's more than 300 publications include Foreign Affairs, The National Interest and New Global Studies as well as Harvard International Review and Welttrends Berlin (where he serves in the advisory board). Professor Benedikter was active in European Politics (1995-2003) for over eight years and holds three German and Austrian Doctorates in Applied Political Science, Political Sociology, and Educational Politics as well as an Italian Laurea quadriennale in Foreign Politics, Languages and Cultures. Main CLAS expertise: Chile. 

Academic Year 2016-2017

Research Affiliate

Eliane Cavalleiro holds a PhD in Education, having acquired her Master’s degree in 1988 and her Doctoral degree in 2003 through the School of Education of the University of Sao Paulo – USP.  She served as the executive coordinator of the NGO Geledés – Institute of Black Woman (2000-2004), and also worked as a UNESCO consultant – Regional Education Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean/OREALC.  She worked as the General Coordinator of Diversity and Educational Inclusion, in the Secretariat of Continuing Education, Literacy and Diversity of the Ministry of Education – MEC (2004- 2006).  Dr. Cavalleiro has an extensive number of publications: From the Silence of the Household to the Silence of the School: racism, prejudice, and discrimination on children’s education, Context, 2000; Racism and anti-racism in education: rethinking our school, Selo Negro/Summus, 2001 and Endless Nights’ Paths: socialization and racial belonging in successive generations of black...

Research Affiliate

Jorge Ramón González Ponciano holds degrees in Anthropology from Stanford University (MA) and the University of Texas at Austin (PhD), and is a tenured professor at the Center for Multidisciniplinary Research of Chiapas and the South Border (CIMSUR), of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). His current research focuses on human rights, genocide, racism, humor, borderlands, and the history of tourism and the construction of the exotic in the Mayan region. He is also working on a book about socio-racial formation in Guatemala. His recent publications include "The Shumo Challenge: White Class Priviledge and the Post-Race, Post-Genocide Alliances of Cosmopolitan from Below," in Aftermath: War by Other Means in Post-Genocide Guatemala? (Duke University Press 2013); and "The Mexico-Guatemala, Guatemala-Mexico Border: 1983-2013," in co-authorship with A. Fábregas, Frontera Norte 26(7-35) (Colegio de la Frontera Norte 2014). Professor Gonzalez Ponciano has...

Research Affiliate

Professor Karp-Toledo is Director for Projects and Policies of Social inclusion at the Global Center for Development and Democracy (CGDD), based in Lima, Peru. She is also Member of the Indigenist Chair “Jose Maria Arguedas” at the Ibero American Institute, University of Salamanca, Spain. When President Toledo was in office, as First Lady she supported the creation of a National Commission for the Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples. At that time, she promoted the first official meetings at the national level, to discuss grievances, claims and proposals to improve the participation and empowerment of Indigenous Peoples in the renewed democratic process of Peru.

Karp-Toledo has published numerous books in Spanish with extensive use of the Quechua language. In 2006, she published “Los Pueblos Indigenas en la Agenda Democratica: Estudios de caso de Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico y Peru, which was published by the Corporacion Andina de Fomento (CAF). She also...

Fall 2016

Visiting Student Researcher

Guillermo Ruiz Pava, is a doctoral student at Los Andes School of Management, Bogotá, Colombia, and he is a visiting student researcher at CLAS. With a B.A. and a Master’s Degree in Economics, his current research focuses on how social structures inside organizations enable or hinder innovation. In particular, he is interested in a specific social structure known as the routine. Other research interests include the economic theory of entrepreneurship, innovation, public administration, organizational theory, and political economy. 

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